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March Update - The irises supplied towards the end of this month have tended to be a bit small and we have included extras in with many orders. The timing has been good as we find we have sold out of most of our stock now and we need to get on with transplanting our selected irises for assessment next season. Many of you have requested to be kept on a list for any future sales and I will keep email addresses that I have on hand and send out any information to you re possibilities of any future sales.


I will close this website at the end of April.

We would like to thank our customers for their support over the years, for the many wonderful letters we have received and we hope the irises you have in your gardens will continue to give you pleasure for many years to come. We put our hearts and souls into the irises and have been rewarded by the results. It has been a wonderful journey. Our hybridising efforts have been rewarded too, with Alison attaining the highest award, the Dykes Medal, for her iris Atavus. David initially focussed on breeding early blooming irises and we have been rewarded with very colourful blooms two to three weeks earlier than the main bloom. Selecting for vigour has also resulted in strong growing plants.


We intend to continue our hybridinsing program while we can and these may find their way onto the market in the coming years. It will be nice to know that some of our irises will continue after we have gone.



The following may help you to find your way around our website: - The navigation buttons down the side of the page will take you to other pages on the site. The galleries listed at the bottom of the left hand column will give you pictures of most of the irises we have for sale. The Medians listed are Intermediate Bearded Irises and some Miniature Tall Bearded.



If you are a keen gardener or have an interest in plants it would be in your interest to joining the New Zealand Iris Society. There are groups throughout New Zealand, which hold regular meetings and have educational sessions and garden visits which include many of the species iris. You do not have to be a specialised iris grower to join the society, but you can learn much from others and of course conventions get you to the most amazing gardens in New Zealand! If you are interested, visit the society web site  


We are not accepting any further orders.


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